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The moment I got my hands on a camera, I realized the potential for play in art. I would set up theatrical scenes with my friends and photograph them until I got the right composition and lighting. Photography, video and, digital manipulation became my favorite pastime. During my breaks on the yearbook staff in high school, I would Photoshop my friends faces melded, make silly videos, and play with stop motion animation.

I moved from my hometown of McKinney, TX to Memphis, TN to pursue a degree in Photography at Memphis College of Art. While there, I found a love for conceptual meaning behind visual images and a passion for social issues. While studying, I realized how art could be a catalyst for social progression and understanding. I had amazing opportunities to educate the surrounding community on photoshop and darkroom processes, bring joy to new mothers through my newborn photography, served as a resident assistant to 50 undergraduate students, and spent a summer at Gagosian Gallery helping create a Lichtenstein exhibition. 

After completing my degree, I realized that I could combine my passion for education, visual art, and community services through the world of museums/design. I decided to pursue a Masters in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design in Philadelphia. During the summer of 2017, I got to work along the Exhibit Design team at the Dallas Museum of Art and aid them on their design projects by making a visual identity for their staff art show, prototyped a discussion survey for Truth: 24 Frames Per Second, and created detailed models/floor plans for their upcoming shows. 

I am looking forward to sharing my love for design even further after recently graduating with my masters in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design. If you'd like to learn more about how my skills could be an asset to your institution or design team, please reach out to me at samantha.nemazie@gmail.com.